About Us


We at Atlas Custom Services, Inc. take pride in providing quality personalized service within the Lehigh Valley. We, as a company, maintain a high standards of excellence in the services we provide. Our mission is to maintain excellent relationships with our customers while expanding and promoting our long-term growth.


Atlas Custom Services Inc. is a very dynamic company, which was established more than 32 years ago as Mark A. Milisits Construction, which evolved into Atlas Custom Construction and is currently known as Atlas Custom Services Inc. The company has grown into a highly professional organization, with quality employees. Throughout the years our company has gained valuable experience in lawn service, general contracting and architectural millwork. Mark, his employees, and various sub-contractors (many of which the company has had long-term relationships with), deliver professional and knowledgeable services to their customers. The following are some examples of work performed by our company: full service lawn maintenance, built-in bookcases, entertainment centers, kitchens, garages and additions as well as concrete work. The lawn service portion is constantly growing and is immediately available however the general contracting and architectural millwork require advance scheduling.

Why should you choose us?

One key reason for choosing Atlas Custom Services, Inc. is that it is a smaller and more personal company than many others you may deal with. Also, we are based within the Lehigh Valley which enables us to be available. The pride we take in our services, is another aspect to consider when deciding whether or not to choose us. Overall, we feel these reasons will help you choose Atlas Custom Services, Inc.

Mark A. Milisits

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